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Our Story

Hi there! We are Aumberly and Aaron, and we are the owners of Little Ella Rae. We are the proud parents of two sweet boys, and one sassy girl. Aumberly is a cactus obsessed, llama-lovin, Mountain Dew drinking girl from Utah. Aaron is a licensed Funeral Director, who works for the University of Tennessee at his day job. He is a sports-loving, farm boy who grew up in Idaho. We love to go on walks, grow pretty flowers, and spend time with family. Aumberly has  a degree in Business Administration from Weber State University, (Go Wildcats!), and Medical Coding. Aaron has a degree in Psychology and Mortuary Science from Utah State University.
 Little Ella Rae was created by Aumberly and her sister-in-law on a complete whim to help Aaron get through school, but has become something much more. It has grown from a one-girl-run shop to a full-time business with some amazing employees. We have a goal  to provide quality, handmade hair bows and bow ties. Aumberly loves creating unique products and imagining how cute they'll look on your babes, and Aaron manages customer care and makes sure you are satisfied with your orders.  There is nothing more fun than having the perfect accessory for every outfit, and we love being able to provide that!

In 2019, we started the Littlest Loves Foundation, which provides tiny bows to little fighters in NICU's across the U.S. We love being able to give back to our communities, and spread smiles to so many families who enter local NICU's each year.  
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